Thursday, 12 November 2015

We have a winner!

Wendy Thorpe is the lucky winner of a £50 Amazon voucher in our Library self-guided tour & quiz prize draw. Here she is being congratulated on her win by the Director of Library Services, Robert Atkinson.

The self-guided tour is still available to pick up at the Library Issue Desk or Help Desk, but the prize draw quiz is now closed.

The answers to the quiz questions are below - correct answers in bold:

1. What time does the library close at night during term time?
8pm   10.30pm   11.45pm   The Library doesn't close

2. How many floors does the Library have?
2   5   50   200

3. What do you need to be able to go through the entry turnstile?
Birkbeck ID card   Oyster card   Credit card   Birthday card

4. Where in the Library would you go for help?
Photocopier   Toilets   Reading Room   Help Desk

5. How much is one sheet of black and white A4 printing?
5p    25p    £5    £500

6. Can you renew books online?
No   Yes   Yes, but only if no-one else has requested them

7. Where can you go to make or take a phone call?
The silent area   The help desk   The phone zone   The seminar room

8. How can you ask a question about the Library without coming in?
With a loudhailer   By email, web form, phone or chat   You can't   By carrier pigeon

9. What do you need to log on to the Library PCs?
Your name and address   Your Library barcode number   Your bank account details   Your ITS username and password

10. What piece of information do you need to get from the library catalogue in order to find a book on the shelves?
The colour of the cover   The name of the author   The shelfmark   The ISBN

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