Friday, 14 August 2015

Day Pass Kiosk

Available throughout Library Opening Hours

We now have a Day Pass Kiosk on the ground floor of the Library for Birkbeck users who have forgotten their Birkbeck Library card.

The Day Pass Kiosk can be used by:

Birkbeck students and staff to print a Day Pass.

Some other groups of users who have a Birkbeck username and a library account to print a Day Pass.

Please note the following points if you create a Day Pass:

Day Passes are for REFERENCE ONLY – you will be unable to borrow items or access your account without your Birbeck card. You can do everything else as normal, such as logging on, printing and copying, just not borrow.

You will need to know your Birkbeck username and password (the ones that you use to log onto the PCs).

When a Day Pass is created your real card is deactivated so cannot be used that day to enter the library. You will still be able to borrow using your real card if you later find it.

If your real card has been used during the day the system will not allow a Day Pass to be created as it assumes the user is still in the library. Day Passes expire at 23:50 each night.

Always keep your pass with you at all times, especially if you are leaving the Library (even for a short while). This applies to your Library card also, when you are using that. It will save you possibly having to wait to be let in at busy times.

Please note: Affiliates will still need to get a printed day pass from the admissions desk while that is open

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