Friday, 1 May 2015

Birkbeck Library lift: refurbishment and interim access arrangements

As you are no doubt all too aware, the Library has been experiencing severe problems with its main lift over recent months, with frequent break-downs and long periods whilst it has been out of service for repairs. In response to this, Birkbeck’s Estates Department has agreed that the lift should undergo a major refurbishment. However, that work will take 6 weeks to complete and so will not start until the summer. We are therefore likely to experience further breakdowns between now and then, so - if you are someone who needs to access the Library using the lift - we have put in place some temporary access arrangements to cover the period until the refurbished lift is operational. Whilst they do not solve all access problems, we hope they will at least be helpful.

If you are someone who needs to access the Library using the lift and you arrive and find the lift out of service, come to the Library Issue/Membership Desk on the ground floor. From there, you have two options:
  • As now, a member of staff can come with you to open a staff entrance to the Library on the 1st floor which can be reached by an alternative lift. When you are ready to leave, speak to the member of staff at the Helpdesk, or use the phone there to call staff on the ground floor
  • Alternatively, you can be issued with a swipe card which will allow you to open this same staff entrance. You would just need to return it at the end of your visit. The staff entrance does not have an automatic opening mechanism, so you will need to open it manually.
Once you have reached the 1st floor of the Library, the other floors can be reached by the Library’s internal moving platform lift.

Please remember if you are an Access Support user you can also have items collected for you or posted to you using our Fetching and Postal Loans services.

Please contact Library Access Support if you need any further information.

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