Tuesday, 31 March 2015

"You Said... We Did" Our responses to your feedback 8

Our annual joint Library/IT Service survey is now available - please contribute and give us your views (you could also win John Lewis vouchers!).

Over the past few weeks we have been letting you know what we have done in response to your comments from last year's survey. Here's the eighth, and final, instalment. Please complete this year's survey and give us more ideas of what you would like us to improve or start doing.

If you missed our previous You Said .. We Did posts, here they are 

You said:
“Easier access/clearer signposting to subject specific databases”
"Not aware of what the Library has for my subject"
"Better guidance about which online resources to use"

We did:
Created LibGuides, Library guides by subject, linked from the Library home page and the eLibrary page. All the useful resources the Library has for your subject are linked from these, together with contact details for your subject librarian and much more. Take a look at the one for your subject now http://www.bbk.ac.uk/lib/subguides

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