Friday, 20 February 2015

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It's coming up to the time when we conduct our annual Student Survey, which is your chance to tell us what we're getting right and how we can improve your experience of the Library, so do make sure you take part - if you tell us what you need, want or would like to see, we can do something about it. With this in mind, we've been going over what you asked us last year and showing how we responded in our new series of You Said ... We Did - just what it sounds like: what you told us in last year's survey and the action we took to make that happen. Check out what happens when you tell us what you want in:

You Said ... We Did 1
Quick Print PCs for short stays

You Said ... We Did 2
More Books Please

Don't miss out on our workshop demonstrating how to get the best out of Endnote
Endnote Workshop

Then there are articles on using the Emerald Database (for Marketing, Management & HR) and on our new top-up unit - well, units actually, as there are now two of them within easy reach, one inside the Library and one near Reception next to My Birkbeck
Emerald Database
Topping Up

And if you're a regular user of Missed the Post? here's our last one, taking you to other articles that you might find handy or interesting
Previous Missed the Post?

But, before you go, why not check out this week's Lighter Side, which is right below? Come back to Missed the Post? later or anytime you want to find a past item fast. Have a good weekend.

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