Friday, 30 January 2015

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This time we have two items for you, which you might want to check out sooner rather than later, as they're up and coming and on the way, and they may well be relevant or of interest to you in your Library life. Here they are:

Finding Company Information
We're holding a workshop to show you the best way to go about finding information on companies and the resources that are available to help you with that. It's coming right up so don't leave it a moment longer.
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Technology & Media Trends 2015
A Warc Webinar on how this area might develop over the coming year, looking into Apps and Emojis etc, and what it is that drives these trends. There's not long left so hurry there now.
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Missed the Post?
If you've been away and missed items or you simply want a second look, here's the place to go.
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For Friday
Our regular Friday feature of Lighter Side is right below, so do come back when you've booked your workshop and webinar places, won't you?

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