Monday, 8 December 2014

Tips on using the Library and its resources: No. 7 - Ejournals

 This week and next we'll be looking at finding journal articles online.

This week we are looking at finding journal articles where you know the details (e.g. if it's on your reading list or the lecturer has given out the details in class). Next week, we'll look at finding articles on a topic for your essay or assignment.

Step 1. Go to the Library web site ( and type the title of the journal (not the article title) into our Quick Ejournals Search box and, if our system finds it, then we subscribe to that journal. You'll see something like this:

Step 2. Next check the year of publication of the article you need, to see if our subscription covers that year. If it does, click the link that covers that year, logging in with your Birkbeck IT account along the way. The publishers of journals all arrange their web sites slightly differently, but usually you will see the latest issue displayed. Look for a link that says something like All Volumes or All Issues (or sometimes Archive) to get to the one you want, if it's not the current issue.

Step 3. Click through to the year, volume number and issue number on your reference, then look for the page number in that issue until you find your article.

Step 4. Look for the PDF icon and display the full text.

Step 5. Print, save or email the article using the icons within the PDF reader toolbar.

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