Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Top 10 eBooks

Here are the top ten most popular ebooks during October. You can access these (and our other hundreds of ebooks) from outside Birkbeck - you just need your ITS username and password.

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1. Johnson, G., Whittington, R., Scholes, K., Angwin, D., and Régner, P., 2014. Exploring strategy: Text and cases.Tenth edition. Pearson. 5160 views
Cover ImageCover Image 

2. Glassman, W. E., Hadad, M., and MyiLibrary., 2009. Approaches to psychology.5th ed. London: McGraw-Hill.     3957 views

3. Boddy, D., 2014. Management: An introduction.Sixth edition. Harlow: Pearson.  3826 views
Cover ImageCover Image
4. Huczynski, A., and Buchanan, D. A., 2013. Organizational behaviour.Eighth edition. Pearson.   2978 views
5. Dewberry, C., 2004. Statistical methods for organizational research.London: Routledge2339 views

6. Gross, R. D., 2010. Psychology: The science of mind and behaviour.6th ed. London: Hodder Education.  1919 views
Cover Image Cover Image
7. Aldridge, S., Rigby, S., and British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy., 2001. Counselling skills in context.London: Hodder & Stoughton    1819 views

8. Oxford English dictionary.2009. Oxford: Oxford University Press    1215 views

9. Lyles, M. A., and Easterby-Smith, M., 2011. Handbook of organizational learning and knowledge management.2nd ed. Chichester: John Wiley. 1008 views
Cover Image Cover Image
10. Hoult, E. (2012). Adult learning and la recherche féminine: Reading resilience and Hélène Cixous. New York Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan  835 views

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