Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tips on using the Library and its resources - No. 3.

This week - Printing and Photocopying

The machines in the Library are multi-function – they can print and photocopy, in colour and black and white. The costs are 5p A4 and 10p A3 (black and white) and 25p A4 and 50p A3 (colour)
In order to print or photocopy, you need enough credit on your account to cover the cost.

You can add credit in several ways:

•    Top-up machines (£1 and £2 coins, notes) Library level 1* and 4th floor main building
•    Student shop in the basement (cash and credit/debit card)
•    Online via the ITS web site (credit/debit card)

*Unfortunately, the one on level 1 of the Library is currently out of order after it was vandalised - we hope to have it back in action soon.

When you have enough credit, you can copy using the machines or send your printing to them. If you want black and white, choose LibraryMono as your printer, if you want colour choose LibraryColour as your printer. You can pick up your print jobs from any of the machines – just log in by touching your student card on the card reader.
More information on printing and photocopying in the Library

Don’t forget that you can also print in the IT workstation rooms and from your laptop/device

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