Wednesday, 25 June 2014

You said… we respond to your feedback

"Library doesn't seem to have access to and purchase the items on our reading lists."
"IT IS A DISGRACE that up to date books and journals are NOT available especially when they are required reading for essays."
"Can library staff please liaise with lecturers and the recommended reading they place on Moodle, the last assignment BBK library had only 3 out of 7 books?"

Lecturers are asked to send their reading lists to the Library and we will purchase the essential reading, and also background reading if funds allow. Subject Librarians do liaise with teaching staff and try to get as many reading lists as possible, but there are still occasions when lists are not sent to the Library, despite our best efforts. If your essential reading is not available in the Library, please ask your lecturer to send the list to the Subject Librarian.

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