Wednesday, 11 June 2014

You said… we respond to your feedback

"The main issue I have with the library is the range of books held in the collection. I understand though that this is difficult and expensive to change ..."
"I would love to see wider range of books on particular topics ..."
"I am very disappointed with the library's lack of core books. It is almost impossible to borrow the books I need ..."
The Library receives money from the College to purchase information resources (books, ebooks, journals, DVDs, etc.), and we divide this up amongst the subject areas using a formula that takes into account student numbers, among other factors. In recent years the amount we are given has not kept pace with inflation. This year we are making a strong case for more money for information resources and, if we get it, we will try to address some of your concerns.

We cannot ever have a copy for every student – where budgets allow we try to have one book for every 10 students, but this is not always possible.

You can suggest books for purchase using this form and it will be passed to your Subject Librarian who will purchase it if funds allow.

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