Wednesday, 14 May 2014

You said… we respond to your feedback

“A minority of users appear not to understand how to behave considerately towards other users.”

We are aware of the distraction a small number of users cause. Every year we run campaigns to encourage our readers to act respectfully towards other users, so that the atmosphere and environment all enjoy in the Library are conducive to work and study. 

We allow bottled water within the Library, but all other drinks and foodstuffs should be consumed outside. If you wish to eat your own food, you can use the café area on the ground floor. Or, enjoy Torrington Square while the good weather lasts!

Silent use of mobile phones is allowed within the Library (except in the Reading Room), but calls should be taken or made only outside the Library or once inside our Phone Zone next to the toilets on Level 1. 

If you are disturbed by the inconsiderate behaviour of other students, don’t suffer in silence (or through the lack of it): please let us know. Our staff will be happy to help resolve any issues you encounter.

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