Thursday, 18 October 2012

Changes to printing in the library

If you have tried printing in the library recently you will know that the service has not been all that we have wished for. In order to improve the service, and to simplify printing for users we are withdrawing the standalone printers in the Open Area and in the Seminar Room. The PCs in these areas will default to printing to the library black and white printer-copiers. The Seminar Room has already been changed over and the Open Area will follow soon. An additional advantage is that this will make managing the service simpler for Library and IT Services staff so we should be able to deal with any problems more quickly.

Library users will need to go to the copiers and login to release their print jobs. You can use your student card to do this rather than having to type your username and password. If you print something and realise that you don't want it you can leave it to expire - you won't be charged until you actually print a document. There are instructions by the copiers but if you need help please ask at the Help Desk.

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