Friday, 17 February 2012

4th Floor journal move and CCTV installation

Over the next few weeks we will be moving some print journals from the 4th floor of the Library and putting them into our Basement Store in order to create more study spaces for your use.
We are also installing CCTV cameras on the first floor of the Library in order to prevent further thefts in the Library.
Inevitably there will be noise and disruption as a result, we will try to minimise this, but we believe that your experience of the Library will improve as a result of these measures.

These two projects will start week beginning Monday 20th of February


  1. CCTV camera is really helpful for security reasons. Really glad that they install one for their libraries.

  2. Cctv installation is a great idea.There a lot of theft happens in the library and sometimes it is impossible for anyone to track the same...may not be books,but money phones etc.


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