Thursday, 17 November 2011

Do you know where your laptop is?

Whilst the majority of people coming into the library are interested only in making use of our resources we do unfortunately have some visitors who are keeping an eye open for other people's belongings left unattended. Please do not leave anything of value for even a moment and make sure that any bags, purses etc are out of sight or out of reach.

We have had a couple of laptops stolen from library desks this term already so make sure you don't walk away from yours, even if it is only to find a book on the shelves. Don't assume that your neighbour will notice if it is taken as they are probably too busy studying to take in who stopped for a few seconds to pick it up. Consider getting a Kensington lock and using it, but also bear in mind that responsibility for your possessions lies with you. You should also ensure that you have all your data securely backed up. The laptop can be replaced, but your  essay, or those holiday photos might be harder to recreate.

Apologies that this is a bit negative, but we do have to remind everyone occasionally about this.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Library Saturday workshops

Our Saturday workshops are filling up fast - there are now only places available on November 12th (Introduction to using ejournals) and November 26th (Searching the psychology literature). Book your place now at