Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Self-service update

As promised here is the first item in a short series looking at some of the changes that took place over the summer.

The big project during July and August was the tagging of over a quarter of a million items with RFID tags. This was achieved ahead of schedule and brings several benefits to the library and its users. The most obvious to users is that it makes issuing and returning items on the self-service units a great deal easier. All you need to do to borrow an item is scan the barcode on your ID card and, assuming that you haven't done something horrendous that blocks you from using the library, place each item in turn in the V shaped slot and remove it when instructed. When you have done all your items choose to print your receipt, or go the green route and have it emailed to the address we have for you. Returning items is even easier as you don't need to scan your barcode, just choose the "Return" option and then place each book in the slot and then in the bin. Collect your receipt and you are done.

You can also use the self-service units to check what you have on loan and to renew items using the touch screen. The process is very straightforward and there are clear instructions.

An additional feature, and one that we hope you won't need to use very often, is the fines payments process. If you owe a fine this will be displayed as you scan your library barcode. You can pay by cash or by debit/credit card depending on which machine you use. The process is very simple and you get a receipt. The fine is taken from your library record immediately. If you pay by cash you can pay as much or as little as you wish. If you choose to pay by card it will take the full amount. Remember that if you owe more than £25 you won't be able to borrow anything until the level is reduced. However, do remember that we email you before your books are due back so please get in the habit of clicking on the link in the email and renewing your books to avoid the risk of a fine.Either that or write a big sign to remind you to return your library books and stick it on the fridge!

Tomorrow we'll have a quick look at what else the RFID project brings to the Library.

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