Thursday, 29 September 2011

Moves and relocations

As well as taking all the books off the shelves to tag them this summer we have also moved them around so returning students amy find that they have to learn new locations for their subject areas. The important things to note are that more art and art history books are now on Level 2 and that all history plus a chunk of literature has moved up to level 3. This means that we have been able create some space in order to get material off the overflow trolleys. This space was created by squashing up the Bliss sequence on Level 3. If you have ever had to look for a book with an alphabetical shelfmark rather than a numerical one (Dewey calssification)  then you have used the Bliss sequence! We are gradually coverting these to the Dewey sequence. We are also gaining some space on Level 4 by reducing the runs of print journals up there, especially where we have electronic holdings. We have added some more study spaces up there. Some back runs will move down to a new storeroom we are getting. Please make sure that you study the signs around the library or refer to the plan on the website, and of course if you get really stuck ask a member of library staff for help.

Returning students will also find that the Seminar Room has a had a bit of makeover. There are now 30 Windows 7 PCs in there along with new desks, caprpet and repainted walls. As proviously mentioned we have lost access to room 402 due to pressures on space elsewhere in the college, but are adding additional PCs in the Open Area. Our colleagues in IT Services manage the PCs for us and are converting them all to Windows 7. Library users will also be able to make use of the new large IT lab being constructed adjacent to the library when this is not in use for teaching. Look out for more information about this in due course. Students are also reminded that there is access to the Birkbeck wifi network throughout the library, but please do not use laptops and other devices in the Reading Room which is designated for silent study.

A final word of warning - if you do bring a laptop into the library please do not leave it unsecured. Sadly we do have the occasional theft of laptops. Treat yourself to a good lock, or simply carry it around with you.

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