Tuesday, 5 July 2011

RFID Poject update

The RFID taggers are making good progress and have nearly completed tagging the books on the Torrington Square side of Level 1 of the library. They are now moving on to the books on the Malet Street side of Level 1 - i.e. those with classmarks from around 340 - 780. They will be based at the far end of the Open IT Area and inevitably there will be some disruption there.

One of the benefits of RFID tagging the books is that it makes using the self service machines easier. Instead of having to locate and scan an item's barcode you can simply place each item in turn in the V slot and wait for it to be issued, or returned. The workstations are already configured to do this so if you are borrowing a book which has already been tagged (indicated by a purple spot on the spine of the book) you can try this out. The images on the workstation will be changed when the tagging is completed.