Thursday, 20 January 2011

Card readers for the copiers

After a long wait we are pleased to say that our copier-printers now have proximity card readers attached so that the majority of our users will no longer have to enter a username and password on the touchscreen when using a copier. The reader recognises your student, or staff, card and logs you in automatically. On the black & white copiers the reader is on the right side of the copier, and on the colour copiers it is under the top panel.

Black & white copier with reader

Colour copier with reader

There is still a delay in getting the number on any new card linked to your print accout so if you find that your card isn't recognised you will still have to log in until the database updates. Our colleagues in IT Services are working on this now that the readers are in place. Visitors, and other users without a Birkbeck card, will still need to obtain a visitor account and password from the library Help Desk and login manually.

New posters showing how the new process works are being designed and should be up soon.

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