Monday, 11 January 2010

Help with using the Library

If you are a new student starting this term, or if you would like some help with using some of our resources then the following may be of interest.

Introduction to the Library sessions
We are running a half-hour session for new students each evening this week (11th-15th January) at 17:00 in the Library Seminar Room. These cover the things you need to know about getting started on using the library and include a demonstration of the library catalogue. There is no need to book, just turn up. The Library Seminar Room is on the first floor of the library, but if you are not sure please ask at the Issue Desk or at the Help Desk for directions.

Saturday sessions
We will be running sessions during January and February on some of our resources. These are as follows:
  • 16th January - Introduction to using the library catalogue and e-journals. 12pm, repeated at 2pm
  • 30th January - Introduction to legal information. 12pm, repeated at 2pm
  • 6th February - Searching the Psychological literature. 12pm, repeated at 2pm
  • 13th February - Using the Citation Indexes. 12pm and 2pm (For this topic, the 12pm session will be Introductory and the 2pm session will be Advanced)
  • 20th February - E-resources for Philosophy. 12pm, repeated at 2pm
  • 27th February - E-resources for History of Art. 12pm, repeated at 2pm
  • 13th March - Finding company information. 12pm, repeated at 2pm
Please note that you do need to book a place on these courses. You can do this via the form at:

Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy New Year?

A belated Happy New Year to all our readers.

It has been a bit of a week here but compared with much of the country Bloomsbury seems to have got off quite lightly, although some of the local pavements and road surfaces are still rather treacherous.

We were quite pleased with ourselves that on Wednesday we managed to stay open until 22:30 whilst most other university libraries were closing - although to be fair some were almost cut off and term hadn't started unlike here. The weather has however had an effect and we decided to close early yesterday as we didn't have enough staff to open, or not enough who could then get home safely.

This evening we will be open to 22:30 as usual but this will be on a self-service basis from 17:00. Again this mostly due to the difficulties staff, especially those who rely on overground rail services to the south of London, would have in getting home.

We anticipate that the library will open as advertised over the weekend and with luck things might return to normal next week, although the weather forecast is not terribly promising. If you are making a special trip to the library please check our web site for the latest news. We also try to post information on the library catalogue and of course via Twitter. News about cancelled or postponed classes can be found via the college web site and we try to get any changes to our hours included there as well.