Friday, 4 June 2010

Looking forward to the summer

If you had exams we hope they went well, and if you still have exams ahead of you - good luck! The same applies to essays & dissertations. Remember that we will be open 7 days a week throughout the summer - but that at weekends it will be self-service only. As usual you can check our full opening hours on the library web site. On Friday July 9th we will be open on a self-service basis as the library staff will be attending their annual staff development day.

If your studies are ending don't forget to return any items once you have completed your exams or handed in that last piece of work. We hope that you don't owe us any fines but if you do then now is a good time to settle your debts! If you are coming back next year you don't have to return all your books but please remember to keep them renewed, especially if you are going to be going away for pleasure or on business. Other readers will still be able to request items which may prevent you from renewing. As usual we will be sending out emails to remind you when items are due back or if they have been requested.

Photocopying & printing changes
We will be getting new photocopiers over the summer which will also be used for printing. We will no longer have copy cards as paying for copying will be done in the same way as paying for printing. If you have a copy card please do not add any more money to it than is necessary for immediate use form now on. More information about this will be available soon and notices will be going up by the card dispensers.

Building works
The area where we keep our videos and DVDs, along with the Assistive Technology Centre is going to have a make-over during the vacation which includes the dismantling of the old issue desk - for those of you who can remember our old entrance. Final plans are still being drawn up but this will give us a better layout of study spaces and a bigger area for users of the ATC. It is also intended that the toilets just outside the library will be brought into the library space which is something that we are often asked about. All of this work means that there is going to be some unavoidable disruption and noise. The main effect will be that the Reading Room will be inaccessible so we will be offering a fetching service during the work. We will temporarily relocate the computers in the ATC. Again more details will be given when the plans are complete.