Monday, 22 March 2010

Mobile access to the catalogue

Ever been on the bus, out shopping, or attending a sporting event when you suddenly had the urge to find out if the library has a book in stock? Well with our new AquaBrowser catalogue help is at hand. The accessible text-only option also seems to work very well on a number of mobile devices and being text-only it loads very quickly which is handy if your connection to the internet is not very strong.

We would be very pleased to hear any comments about using mobile devices to access the catalogue this way. Please note that if you want to place a request on an item that is out, or want to look at your record you will be passed to the old-style catalogue which is not mobile friendly.

The full URL of the accessible version is : but there is a shortened version which might be easier to enter on a device without a keyboard: (please note that this is case sensitive).

We will be working on the new catalogue interface over the next few weeks so would welcome any comments about that as well. There is a feedback form linked from the standard version of AquaBrowser or you can go straight to it here:

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