Monday, 6 July 2009

Over the summer

A few bits and pieces of information related to summer activities and also looking ahead to next year.

As previously mentioned we have the builders in creating a new Student Centre which will be to the left as you come into Birkbeck from Torrington Square. This work will have an impact on the library in terms of noise and changes to how you get to us whilst work is carried out. We will also be relocating our gates, but not very far and at the moment we don't have a date for this. We will try to take a few photos as it goes along so you can see what is happening.

On Friday 1oth July the library will be open 10:00-20:00 as usual, but only on self-service basis as this is our annual library Staff Development Day.

Don't forget to keep any books that you have on loan up to date, and if you are going to be away on holiday either return them before you go or make sure that they are renewed to cover your absence. We will continue to charge fines over the summer so please try to avoid these if you can. Remember that other readers can still place requests on items on loan and that we do expect you to bring such items back. If you have Internet access whilst you are away you can renew on line (provided an item isn't requested) and look out for any emails from us. Reminders have a note of your borrower barcode so it doesn't matter if you forget to pack you Birkbeck ID card.

On the subject of emails - from the start of September we will send all email notices to students to their contact address held in the student system. You can check this by logging into the My Studies at Birkbeck site. We will be emailing users about this in due course but this is early notice of this change which is being adopted as policy across the college.

Have a good summer and look out for further updates.

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