Friday, 22 May 2009

Bank Holiday opening and beyond

We will be open this weekend as normal, i.e. 24 hours, but please note that we close at 20:00 on Monday 25th.

Our overnight weekend opening will continue until 8th June. After this we will revert to vacation hours from June 13th meaning that we will be closed on Sundays. As usual full details can be found on our website.

You might also like to know that there will be building works in the college over the summer in preparation for the new student centre. The library entrance will have a small amount of remodelling but otherwise there will be little work actually in the library. However there will be works going on in areas adjacent to the library so we are anticipating a degree of noise and disruption throughout the summer. We understand that the works will be starting the week beginning the 22nd June. We will make every effort to keep readers informed about any disruption to services via our usual channels. We have no plans to close during the summer vacation.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday and if you haven't completed our survey please find a few minutes to do so.

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