Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Library catalogue - latest news

Touching wood and crossing our collective fingers it is looking as if our work on the catalogue has gone smoothly and with very limited disruption for users. The bulk of the data (212,386 records if you are interested) was imported by Saturday evening and a further small set of records was loaded on Monday morning. We had a minor problem with these but this has now been sorted out and we are now checking that the data is all intact and doing what it should do. Once this is done we will be able to start cataloguing new items and edit existing records.

The catalogue was available throughout the process and although a few things need to be sorted out is still functioning. There will be a short interruption to keyword searching when we rebuild the indexes, but there will be notices about this on the catalogue at the time, and posts on our Twitter feed. This is most likely to be on Friday 12th in the morning. After this we will be tidying up the displays of information and checking that the indexes are all working. Our main priority will be to ensure that the catalogue is in a stable and functioning state for the Christmas vacation.

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