Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Avoiding fines

Since we introduced fines for the late return of items a couple of years ago there has been a very positive improvement in keeping books circulating and in getting them back when requested. Readers are encouraged to return or renew items on time in order to avoid fines. We will email you before books are due and immediately a book becomes overdue so that you can get it back to us, or renew it. You can renew on-line and we will shortly be introducing an automated telephone renewal service. If you use the library catalogue to check your account and to renew you will see that we have colour coded the due dates to alert you to items due back shortly or that are overdue.

If you do incur a fine we will now email you to let you know that a fine has been charged. This should be helpful if you renewed late or returned an item late via the book return bins. If your fines total more than £25 you will need to reduce them in order to borrow further items - but we would much prefer it if this situation didn't arise!

If you are not sure whether we have your email address or not please check your account on the catalogue or ask at the Issue Desk. We will also email you with further reminders for overdue items, when a requested item is ready for collection, and if an item you have out has been requested by another reader.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Library Catalogue - important news

During December we will updating the bibliographic database that underpins the library catalogue. Much of this work will have little or no impact on services. However, there will be a few days when the catalogue will be unavailable. The dates are still to be finally confirmed. We will provide a back up but this will not be a "live" system. Library users are strongly encouraged to carry out any searches for material, particularly if you are thinking of doing some Christmas vacation reading, as soon as possible and to make reservations for any items that are on loan sooner rather than later.

We will be providing updates and further information as work progresses on the library website and the catalogue, as well as here and via our Twitter feed.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Christmas Vacation Hours

It may still only be November but our Christmas Vacation opening times are now available. Please note that the Library, like the rest of the College, will be closed from 24th December to 4th January inclusive, and that we close early on December 23rd. You can find the all the College term dates here.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Serve yourself and help Children in Need

On Friday 14th November we will be donating 10p for each transaction carried out on our self-service machines to this year's BBC Children in Need appeal. If you haven't had a go at issuing or returning a book then why not have a go on Friday? The machines are by the Issue Desk and there are simple instructions on the screen. You will get a receipt to show you the due date or to confirm that you have returned an item.

However, at present no member of library staff has volunteered to don a Pudsey costume!