Thursday, 11 September 2008

Welcome - or welcome back

The new academic year is rapidly approaching and the endless summer days are becoming a figment of memory - or did we just imagine them? Time to put away that novel and start thinking about getting ahead with some course reading, unless you are studying English in which case carry on reading that novel.

All students, new and old, are advised to check out our website and to have a look at our revamped pages on how to use the library. New students are also advised to click on the big blue button and see what we have on offer in the way of induction tours and how to get started on using the library. You don't need to register with us - simply bring your card along when you have received it from the Registry and it should work straight away on our turnstile and enable you to borrow books. Of course if you encounter any difficulties in getting in please ask a member of library staff for help.

If you are a returning student you should find that your card will keep working for at least a month giving you time to get re-enrolled. You shouldn't find that there have been too many changes, but by the start of term you will find some new PCs in the library and a revamp of our signage should mean that things are a bit easier to find.

One thing that will be different is that we are going to be open from 08.30 each weekday morning. This will be self-service only until 10.00 when our normal staffed service operates. Our term time hours start from Monday 22nd September.