Thursday, 17 July 2008

It's been a quiet week ...

As those of you who are aficionados of the work of Garrison Keillor will know it is often quiet in Lake Woebgone and we too are at that time of year when the library becomes less busy and there is less bustle. However, we are still open and numbers of students are taking advantage to get ahead with some reading and preparation for the coming year, or are working on essays and dissertations Behind the scenes library staff too are preparing for the new year whilst recovering from the old.

The shelves are being put in to good order and booklists are being checked. We are also planning ahead for induction sessions to help new (and old) students settle in in the new term. If you are coming to us in October, or even if you want a refresher, you might be interested in looking at our online induction (LIFE) or at our Library Skills pages. The LIFE pages will be updated over the summer, but well worth a look.

Alternatively you could go off and and listen to tales about life in Lake Woebegone! (Also available via BBC7)

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